Insoles 3d
Printing personalized insoles from a 3d printer
What motivates us?
One of the problems of modern society is a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, which is observed in more than 30% of the population, weak vessels and others-all this strongly affects the musculoskeletal system. First of all not only the spine, but also the feet suffer from these factors. In addition, many athletes as a result of their careers, injure their foot and in the future can not walk in ordinary shoes. Athletes who wear uncomfortable footwear, can permanently put an end to their careers, and for many wrong footwear can serve as the reason of occurrence of various intractable diseases. There are many stop pathologies that can be handled only by personal, perfectly fitted shoes or insoles.

The ability to provide such people with printed biomechanically perfectly fitted insoles, with the help of a 3d scanner and simulation, will save not only a lot of resources, but also open a new door in solving problems of orthopedics. No doctor, no bootfeeter will be able to create such an ideal insole, which can be created with the help of 3d printing.
What do we do?
Sample of the 3d printer on which we work
The solution to which the project is directed is to create a 3d model of the patient's foot using 3d optical scanning. Further, based on the model and parameters of the patient such as weight and height, a 3d model of insole or profiled soles is built, which is made by applying 3d printing technologies.

On the way to solving this problem there are several technological problems which are planned for solution within the framework of this project.

The first problem is to create a model of transformative 3d model of human foot in a 3d model of optimized insoles taking into account human parameters.

The second problem consists in the development of a technology of manufacture of insole or soles with application of 3d printing.

The project will study the influence of the shape of the insole on the comfort under various loads, and a technology of forming the profile of "ideal" insole has been developed
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