Deafkit is a solution for automatic interpreters in real time.

The project was founded in December 2017 at Imagine Cup Hackathon, and in January 2018 won the Hackathon 2025 in Skolkovo.

The solution works on the basis of computer vision technology. Gestures are recognized by video fixation and recognition algorithm and displayed as text or played with sound.
Mobile version of DeafKIT
Sign language translation automatic solution, mobile version
Target Audience
Our target audience is deaf people.

We solve the problem of social barriers for deaf people. This is
  • Difficulties in communication: long, difficult and uncomfortability;
  • Interpreter services It is expensive and uncomfortable for everyday tasks;
  • In Russia, the deaf are offered only 40 hours of interpretation a year;
  • Misunderstanding and irritability on the part of society;
  • The impossibility of public speeches;
  • Barriers to education
  • Career difficulties.
  1. Google, Gestures, USA. Hardware, Glove-tracker. The product is presented in spring 2017, the market has not come out. The tests were unsuccessful. Related: Enable Talk project.
  2. Microsoft, MSW, USA. Software based on MS Kinect. Presented at Imagine Cup MS 2008, was absorbed by Microsoft, the market did not come out. Kinect is no longer released.
  3. SOL, Russia. deleted interpreters. The product makes a translation based on the Skype model. Minute billing for a deaf person. Scalability is expensive, the solution is not innovative.
  4. Interpreters-linguists are expensive and long.
The solutions existing in the market have not yet solved the problem
  1. Innovation. The solution works on the basis of neural networks. The gesture is recognized by video fixation and recognition algorithm and is displayed as text or played with sound.
  2. Scalability technology is embedded in interactive information stands, which already exist on the territory of most airports, Sec and MFC. The person chooses to "start the translation", the window of the video-fixation appears, the deaf person plays the phrase with gestures and it instantly appears on the screen as text. The solution works with any camcorder. This allows for a few hours to implement the technology on the object.
  3. Business benefit. Our product will make profit in the amount of maintenance costs in the state of interpreters. To trade centers we bring profit in the amount of revenue from work with the attracted audience. In this way we:
    1. Solve the pain of business (the need to provide interpretation services);
    2. Attract additional solvent audience.
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