The Youth Research Platform of Lomonosov Moscow State University
An International youth platform for the creation and promotion of our scientific ideas and products
About the platform
The development of science is impossible without engaging youth, without attracting people who dream of turning their ideas into a reality, those who dream to see their scientific discoveries benefiting the society, being in demand and changing the world. To help develop these ideas, the MSU Youth Research Platform was created, where students and young scientists can work together for a better future. Now the platform offers four directions-initiatives:

1. Virtual and augmented reality.

2. Analytics of big data and artificial intelligence.

3. 3D modeling and additive technologies.

4. Blockchain Technologies

You can not only be a part of projects in these directions, but also submit your own ideas, and our platform will help you find the team, labs, partners and with the project implementation!

Taking the first steps in the world of modern technologies, it is important not only to put a strong team together, but also to find people ready to share their experiences, people ready to suggest the most effective directions for the development of your scientific ideas. Our outstanding graduates of the MSU mentoring club are ready to help you with this.

We want to provide you with all the conditions and resources for the development and creation of new scientific and technological discoveries!

Let's change the world together!
Research projects in the fields of virtual and augmented reality
Research projects in the fields of big data and artificial intelligence
Research projects in the field of 3D and additive technologies
Scientific initiatives
Virtual reality
Big data
3D technology
Research project in the fields of blockchain technology
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What do you get?
We want to enable YRP teams to take part in international scientific forums, competitions and hackathons.
New ideas
Interaction with all YRP teams, exchange of ideas, discussing new technologies and search for their optimal application - an integral part of a creative search.
MSU Laboratories
We help you find the research base necessary to implement the project in the laboratories of Moscow State University.
Partners YRP teams get the opportunity and resources to find partners who are ready to support the projects.
Publication of the interim results of the project on the YRP website will allow for criticism and suggestions from the scientific community which will invest in the development of the project. The YRP managers will help evaluate the perspectives of the proposed ideas and technological solutions.
The team
Andrei Grunin
Director of platform
Felix Studenkin
Organization of the platform and cooperation with partners
Ekaterina Zimakova
Communication, PR and international relations
Andrey Lebedev
Support from the MSU mentoring club
Lev Kirichenko
Technical Support of the Platform
Alexander Safonov
Ideas' generator
Jacob Barkar
VR Initiative Leader
Lubov Kadebskaja
Support and maintenance of platform teams
Moscow, st. Leninskiye Gory d. 1, p. 52, 3rd floor, office. 342
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