Virtual laboratory "The Ray "
Mathematical modeling of physical processes in real time for VR
Who are we?
We are students of the third year of the Faculty of physics . And during our studing we saw this.
At the moment in universities and schools the majority of the practical training of students becomes either ineffective or is completely absent.
And in the end of September 2017 we have gathered at the edhack AR/VR Hackathon, won the nomination "Education " and decided: it is necessary to change something!

What do we do and why do we need it?
The project is a laboratory in virtual reality, designed for practical work on physics, chemistry, biology and medicine.

During 3 years of study at the faculty we have identified the following problems related to practical studing at the faculty:
  • Obsolete equipment
  • Excessive complexity in the operation of laboratory equipment
  • Lack of full access to experimental plants
    How do we do it?
    So, we have taken:
    1. HTC Vive
    2. Unity + C#
    3. Real Physical Models
    In the end, we got a product based on mathematical modeling of physical processes in real time.

    This allowed us to create a full-fledged laboratory in VR, which not only solves the above mentioned problems, but also provides unique possibilities:
    • Full freedom of action
    • Scalability of experiments
    • Unique experiments, in reality, requiring huge costs and areas (for example, from the field of high energy physics)
    Our team
    We try to make education better. Join us!
    Jacob Barkar
    Project Manager
    Safonov Alexander
    Working with partners
    Dmitry Markov
    Chief Developer
    Elizaveta Betoeva
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